Self Help Resources - Centre for Clinical Interventions - Northumberland Tyne & Wear NHS Trust  CBT Self Help Course - Free CBT Self Help Resource - World Health Organisation - I had a black dog and his name was Depression.

Peri-natal leaflet.pdf  - Download our Leaflet about taking care of your mental health during pregnancy and post delivery 

Which Talking Therapy For Depression.pdf - Download the leaflet for the guide to which talking therapy would be better for treatment for you.

Services in Warrington - Alcohol and Drug Services A Warrington service who supports family and friends affected by drugs and alcohol. - Making Space offers a computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cCBT) programme. - St. Joseph s Family Centre offer a wide range of services, including counselling services, relationship counselling, bereavement support and group courses. - Warrington Voluntary Action provides specialist information on services, community groups, training and voluntary opportunities in the local area. - Warrington awareness of mental health website


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Our service offers a range of interventions to people who are 16 years and above, and who are experiencing difficulties.

Phone: 01925 401 720

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